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Landscape photography
of Ireland

It was Ireland’s dramatic coastline that first inspired Giles Norman to become a photographer, and it is the landscape that continues to drive his artistic passion today. Giles Norman captures Ireland’s breathtaking coastline, from intimate coastal inlets to towering cliffs, through this Landscape Photography portfolio.


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Who we are

The first click of a shutter by the hands of Giles Norman was for a school project. The first camera he could call his own arrived on his 18th birthday. And the first darkroom to bring his photographs to life was in the attic of an old friend’s house. Relocating his darkroom to a rented space in Kinsale, Giles began working on his first portfolio in 1981. Both locals and tourists flocked to the tiny window of this studio, which offered a glimpse into his growing collections, and this welcome curiosity encouraged Giles to open his first gallery in Kinsale in 1988.


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The experience of buying our photograph was effortless. We are overseas in the US and still received the very large package in 3 weeks.



Giles’s vast portfolio ranges from traditional landscapes to bold abstract pieces, and journeys beyond the wild Irish shores, capturing the city life of London, Paris, Florence, Venice, Rome, New York and Bangkok. Giles continues to add to his portfolio on an annual basis, releasing new collections each year.