Styling your home with Giles Norman Photographs

Giles Norman is one of Ireland’s most renowned artists, and while his portfolio ranges from rural Irish landscapes to international street scenes and abstract pieces, there is a unique timelessness that runs through all of his collections.

When he is travelling along the Irish coastline, Giles sees the landscape through the eyes of a street photographer - inspired by his heroes, the great European street photographers of the 1950s & 1960s - and when he’s in a foreign city, he brings his experience from working in Ireland’s rural landscape to unearth obscure and unexpected beauty. Giles has always loved capturing subjects that aren’t obviously beautiful whether it be a water reed or an iron gate.

The beauty of black and white photography when styling your home is that it suits such a broad range of interior aesthetics and wall colours, and its minimal tone lends itself to building tailored gallery walls.

Pictured above are vertical 24x30"

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Cliffs of Moher

Fastnet Lighthouse

Coumeenole beach

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