Digital Manager's Favourite Images

"I've always looked up to my Dad, so deciding to work with him was an easy choice, but deciding to work with someone who had a gallery before the World Wide Web was not so easy. I was a recent digital-marketing graduate when I came on board, and I could see that the gallery's website at the time was a little outdated and needed some love; I saw an opportunity to rebuild the website and provide an online platform to showcase Giles’s portfolio in the way that it deserves. But more importantly it was a way to work on a meaningful project together – it was a task with countless ideas and no deadlines (and some differences of opinion and lots of coffee!), but in the end we built something that we’re both proud of and that we can share with the world." – Jack Norman, Digital Manager

Jack shares his favourite images from Giles Norman's portfolio:

Morris Minor

The simplicity and composition of this image makes it a gallery classic that I have always enjoyed. It has a nostalgic quality, and there's a great sense of freedom and solitude to it too – it's just the driver and their wheels alone on the road.

A Morris Minor travelling down a country road in Connemara with a misty mountain top in the background.

Man on a Bike

This photograph has been in my mind for as long as I can remember – I’ve grown up seeing it as a constant presence in the gallery. It’s an image that brings me calmness, and I love how the dog is in front of the man – it’s as if it already knows where they’re heading to.

A man cycling down a stone-walled lane with a dog in front of him.

Inside MoMA

A fun scene from New York that I find relatable. As much as I enjoy my role as digital manager, I'm also prone to the odd afternoon nap on the job!

A man taking a nap in MoMA with a sculpture in the background.

The Stretch

A simple moment can be enough to capture your curiosity, and this everyday moment captures mine. I like how the nonchalant Parisian mood is perfectly rendered in this relaxed stretch.

A woman stretching on a Parisian embankment.

Hidden Stairs

I've always thought that this is a great example of how an image can tell a story. The natural light adds tension – the shadow creates mystery – and the result is a compelling photograph.

A stone staircase half in shadow and half in light.

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