Giles Norman & Vincent Van Gogh

Giles Norman has a unique connection with the artist Vincent Van Gogh, as his great-great-great-uncle was considered a major influence on Van Gogh's work.

They say the world is a small place and success breeds success. Giles's artistic eye may well be in the blood as one of his relatives on his mother's side was the famous Belgian artist, Henri de Braekeleer; a painter who greatly influenced the brilliant Van Gogh. In fact, Van Gogh referred to de Braekeleer in many of his cherished letters to his beloved brother, Theo, and wrote of the inspiration he took from de Braekeleer's work.

Giles's photograph of an Old Chair was taken many years before he discovered the Van Gogh connection and it bears an uncanny resemblance to Van Gogh's iconic painting 'The Chair'.

Art imitating art generations apart: where Van Gogh took a brush and palette, Giles takes a camera and lens to create his timeless images.

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