The Haven Coast

The Wild Atlantic Way begins and ends in the beautiful harbour town of Kinsale, home to the Giles Norman Gallery. Roam along the bustling pier and historic streets, and gaze upon panoramic views from Charles Fort, the town’s chief guardian.

And where would a coastline be without its protectors? The Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse serves as a custodian to the county’s most prestigious golf course. Baltimore bay is watched over by its beacon, whilst the Fastnet Lighthouse stands as a lone ranger, warden of Ireland’s most southerly point. Known as the teardrop of Ireland, Fastnet Rock was the last piece of home to be seen by Irish emigrants travelling to America.

West Cork’s shoreline is seldom a lonely sight, forever in good company of elegant yachts and weathered trawlers. With the ever-changing forces of the ocean, one harbour can offer you a bountiful treasure of marine life in a tranquil bay, the next can render a thundering storm of crashing waves. 

Whilst roving the coastal route, it’s easy to overlook the inland riches of West Cork, with its enchanting woodlands and lush rural landscapes. When you draw your eyes away from the vast Atlantic tides, there’s a great sense of intimacy in uncovering a wild fuchsia or delicate dandelion. Journeying westwards along the Wild Atlantic Way, the Haven Coast delivers a parting gift in the dramatic and breathtaking sea cliffs of Mizen Head.  

 The Old Head

The Fastnet Lighthouse

Baltimore Beacon

Mizen Head


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