Our framer's favourite images

Joe Gellérffy is our longest-standing member of the team (outside the Norman family!) having worked with Giles and Catherine for seven years now he has seen many changes both in the gallery and the studio. And as you may know, we do all our framing in-house and Joe is the one who does all this framing, so we thought who better to ask to share their favourite images as he spends most of his working day handling the photographs. In truth, he wasn’t too impressed that two of his favourite images were previously chosen by our gallery manager (Fortune Teller and The Bookseller) for her favourites list, but he’s put together his own unique selection. Enjoy.

-Cat & Crow

"This is my favourite image. And when I first saw it, it took me a few minutes to find the cat, but I like how you can see through the artist’s eyes and his imagination in this photograph."

A black and white image of a broken window with a crow sitting on the window sill; the broken glass creates the shape of a cat.

"I like the simplicity of this moment. It’s nice to see that there was a time when a handmade boat could bring someone contentment."
A black and white photograph of a man walking through a Parisian park holding a wooden boat on his shoulder.


"A storm is coming, but this big tree is still standing even though almost all of its roots are exposed, which shows ‘it is the roots which give a tree strength, not its branches’ (to quote Dhliwayo)."

A black and white photograph of a hill with sheep grazing on it around a towering tree.

Thai Farm Worker

"For me, black and white photography is the best medium to offer an accurate view of real lives."

 A black and white image of a Thai farm worker with thanaka on her face.

Kinsale Under Snow

"I moved to Ireland 14 years ago from Hungary, and during my time here, I’ve only ever seen one heavy snowfall hit Ireland, and that was in 2018 when Storm Emma met the Beast from the East. The snow gave me a totally different view of Kinsale."

A black and white image of Kinsale's Greyhound pub and bookstór under snow.



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