NEW COLLECTION: Thailand 2020

I count myself very lucky to have travelled to Thailand in February 2020, right before the pandemic hit. It was a working holiday – there was sun lounging and cocktails on the beach with my wife, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary, but I also had my camera with me and it didn’t stay idle for long, resulting in my first collection from Asia. 

This collection is a real mix of subjects: there are seascapes and urban scenes and graphic abstracts. And that was the pure joy of this trip – it wasn’t just one thing. I got to experience the tranquil beauty of the Andaman Sea aboard a long-tail boat and then trail through the vibrant streets of Bangkok on foot. And Thailand itself is such a blend of shapes and textures from the smooth lines of bamboo stilts to the craggy islands on the horizon – it truly is a photographer’s paradise.

Three long-tail boats on the water with brooding clouds overhead and small islands in the background.

A close-up shot of pineapples.

A long-tail boat on the water with a tower karst in the background.

A portrait of a woman wearing a straw hat and a creamy paste on her face with her lips covered.

A long-tail boat on the still water.

An interior shot of a museum in Bangkok.

A high-rise shot of Bangkok city at night with a vibrant motorway below.

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