NEW COLLECTION: Sheep's Head 2021

I’ve photographed Beara Peninsula several times over the years, so it felt right to finally spend some time on her neighbouring headland. These peninsulas are different in that the beauty of Beara is more obvious and dramatic, while the beauty of Sheep’s Head is more subtle and almost has to be earned, but once you find it, it’s just as captivating as any other headland in West Cork.
I spent most of the week there on foot. On some days the clouds were nowhere to be seen, letting the sunlight gloss over the water's surface, and on other days they filled the sky, creating an array of shapes and shades. And of course there were sheep, but I also stumbled across a flower that I'd never seen before, locally known as "bug cotton" – I liked how its white downy texture caught the sunlight and contrasted with the thin blades of grass.
One of my favourite themes to explore has always been the effect of light on water, and as Sheep's Head sits between Bantry Bay and Dunmanus Bay, offering expansive views of the Atlantic, she is the perfect place to capture this effect.

Sunlit flowers in the foreground with the sea and the coastline in the background.

Jagged rocks in the foreground with the sea and the coastline in the background.

An open lily flower surounded by leaves.

The sunlit sea in the foreground with brooding clouds overhead and the undulating coastline in the background.

A countyside lane with fields and the sunlit sea in the background.

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